Through working with our capital partners we have invested in a variety of startups focused on reducing suffering, improving the mental health system, or bringing to market breakthrough technologies in mental health.



Brightside radically simplifies the path through depression.

Medication: We will evaluate your symptoms, prescribe the right medication, and have it delivered to your door.
Therapy: Access convienient online therapy from your home through our partners BetterHelp.
Self-care: Learn simple skill that have big impact with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy lessons.



Kip is driven by the belief that mental healthcare should be accessible, scientific, data-driven, and effective.

We analyzed the entire therapy experience, reimagined what it could be, and rebuilt it from the ground up. We know you can’t replace the value of a face-to-face interaction, so we didn’t try.

Instead, we took world-class providers, supercharged them (and you) with our smart software tools, and designed a seamless experience for both clients and providers.


Verge genomics

Verge was founded by a unique combination of the field's top machine learning experts and seasoned neuroscience drug developers. Together, we share the vision that exponential advances in computational genomics combined with new insights into neuroscience has created a breakthrough opportunity to discover drugs that dramatically improve the lives of patients suffering from neurological diseases.

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A team of experts. A new way.
At Boston Children's hospital, we watched kids struggle with stress and emotional control every day. In 2008 we assembled a team of experts in psychiatry, neurology, and child development to create a new, scientifically proven tool designed specifically for kids and their families. 

Kids learn best through play.
Most interventions fail kids because kids do not want them. We had to build a new tool from scratch. Kids respond to emotions differently than adults do. They can feel big emotions and act out in unfamiliar ways. Our program had to be fun and meet kids on their level.

The perfect tool, built over 8 years.
Kids love video games and games mimic life. Video games are the perfect tool to help kids grapple with emotional control. You try, fail, then try again. We started with rigorous scientific studies and hen piloted with 100 families in their homes. Kids played. Symptoms abated and families were less stressed. Our reach was limited to Boston Children's Hospital and it was time to launch Mightier.

Platform to reach millions of kids.
Emotional strength empowers kids to succeed in life. Our mission is to help millions of kids discover their emotional strength. We provide families a proven tool they can use in their home. We keep kids engaged with new games and content every month. We welcome you to join us on this journey.


A new relationship with sound

Since the Renaissance, music has been something artists make to express themselves. In comparison, the use of visual art has changed dramatically over this time, and is now found all around you in the design of everyday objects. Design choices such as the color of your office wall aren’t driven only by aesthetics, but largely by functionality. For example, you don’t want bright red walls in your office if you want to have a productive work day.

This application of the practical side of design has transformed what we see everyday, but not what we hear. We believe music is capable of more - it can have artistic elements and also be ubiquitous and useful. Music can be interior design for your mind.

Created with your day in mind

By combining functional music design with our science first approach and patented technology, we turn sound into a tool to help bring out the best in everyone. While other music is primarily made to sound good and evoke feelings, we create music with a purpose- helping people get more done, feel more relaxed, or get better sleep. Music designed from the ground up for each purpose can transform these everyday activities and elevate humanity - one brain at a time.


What would it feel like to wake up in the morning clear-headed? To forget what hangovers even felt like? To never wonder what you did the night before ever again? What if in a year from now drinking alcohol was just something you used to do? What would it feel like to be free?

At Tempest, we’re building a modern, accessible, and empowering path to recovery that puts you first. Through our digital sobriety school and aftercare program you'll get the education, tools, and community you need to build a life free from alcohol.

Read The Tempest Manifesto



PillPack was built to fix pharmacy.

TJ Parker, a second-generation pharmacist, spent most of his life watching people struggle with managing their medications — dozens of pill bottles, weekly trips to the pharmacy, and time-consuming DIY organization — while their pharmacists had limited resources to help. The entire system was complicated, confusing and did little to support health or wellness. TJ had one foot in the the stagnant world of pharmacy and one foot in the fast-paced realm of design and technology, and he always thought there was a better way.

We started from the ground up...

While finishing pharmacy school, TJ met Elliot Cohen through MIT’s Hacking Medicine. They started PillPack to prove that managing medications could actually be simple. They recognized that fixing pharmacy requires actually building a better pharmacy. Until customers had an alternative to traditional retail pharmacy, no app or smart pill box could truly affect the problem. After making it their mission to challenge traditional retail pharmacies, TJ and Elliot focused first on helping the people with the toughest problem — the 30 million US adults (that’s one in 10) who take more than five prescription medications a day.

... and designed a solution around our customers’ needs.

From the beginning, PillPack’s mission has been to deliver a delightful customer experience. We believe that simple, convenient service empowers regular people to take medications correctly and achieve better overall wellness.